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Empowering Black people to swim - removing barriers and discrimination

  • 45 min
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Service Description

Why did the Black boy drown? Because he couldn’t swim. Jeremiah Perry drowned on a school trip last summer during a field trip enjoying a Canadian experience – canoeing in the wilderness. The group stood out in Algonquin Park because most of the kids were Black. And finding Black people in the woods is rare. It turned out that half of the kids could not swim. One may believe that there are many programs to help families who can't afford to pay for these important sports and life skills. However, there are too many barriers to getting access to those programs - complicated application process, poor communication strategies, lack of inclusiveness in how information is shared, financial shaming, and so many more. ABC I CAN SWIM is created without barriers and with intentionality to ensure that no child or parent is left unreached. EVERY CHILD or PARENT WILL SWIM. Thus, saving lives, building confidence, relationships, and increasing water sports inclusiveness. Surrounded by so much water, one would expect Caribbean people to be expert swimmers. They are not. (see U of T expert report on that) That must change. Thanks to sponsors like Shruti Sharad and Family, Coconut Village Spa, and Irie Bistro Jamaican Restaurant, we were able to fund this program. For this year, 2022, we will provide reimbursement to those who applied. Applications requests are to be submitted between April 15 and August 15 of each year. These are the many ways in which your financial donation to ABC is utilized. Sponsor this program today!

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  • 905.726.8832

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