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 The Aurora Black Community Association (ABC) is led by a dedicated group committed to the work needed to dismantle anti-racism and discrimination, elevate Black and marginalized voices and bridge cultures.  The organization is proud that our deputation led to the Town of Aurora officially declaring February Black History Month (September 2020).  On February 1, 2021, we initiated and led the Town's first Black History and Pan African Flag Ceremony Event since its Incorporation in 1888 (as a town). 

 A single goal drives AURORA BLACK COMMUNITY, to make our town a more inclusive place for all African Caribbean, African Canadians, and the entire multicultural community of Aurora by reducing anti-Black racism and improving social and economic status in our town, and bridging cultures.

The Association creates events and programs to unite the community, with the motto, “One Vision Diverse Voices.” The events and programs offer opportunities for learning through the participation of inclusive experiences. We focus on providing a safe place for Black and other Person of Color in our town to feel welcome and safe to express their authentic voices. We aim to create an empowered environment that bridges different cultures in Aurora together through music, sports & recreation, education, resources, and food. Food sharing has brought people from different cultures together since the beginning. It's how we make friends, nurture relationships, celebrate milestones, mend conflicts and feel gratitude for life. Food is a fantastic vehicle for learning about people with different backgrounds. We will continue to use simple things to make a significant impact. 

ABC works tirelessly and has created a foundation and legacy for Aurora Black History through events, knowledge sessions, awareness initiatives, togetherness, cross-cultural dialogues, leadership and much more to ensure that Aurora is a Town that truly embraces inclusivity, makes space for others, and celebrates our diverse and rich cultures.

This is a safe place for Actions and intentional conversations about implicit bias and racism aimed at the Black community and other minority groups that have been taking place long before the tragedies of our most recent victims, George Floyd. Our community must be resourceful and educated on effectively addressing all forms of racism toward any group, especially minorities. 

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