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Welcome to the Aurora Black Community Association (ABC), where our dedicated team works tirelessly to dismantle anti-Black racism and discrimination, elevate Black and marginalized voices, and bridge cultures. Our commitment to these values led to the Town of Aurora officially declaring February as Black History Month in September 2020. On February 1, 2021, we proudly initiated and led the Town's first Black History and Pan African Flag Ceremony since its incorporation in 1888.

Our Mission

At ABC, our mission is to make Aurora a more inclusive place for all. We focus on reducing anti-Black racism, enhancing the social and economic status of our community members, and uniting the diverse cultures within our town through DEI initiatives with organizations, governments, and the community. Our motto, "One Vision Diverse Voices," reflects our commitment to creating safe spaces for Black individuals to express their authentic voices and advocating for policy changes that foster belonging, equity, and representation. Additionally, we empower allies by offering educational opportunities and encouraging their active participation in driving positive change.

What We Do

At the Aurora Black Community Association (ABC), we create events and programs designed to educate, unite, and foster learning through equitable experiences. Our initiatives leverage music, sports, education, resources, and food to bridge cultural gaps and build connections. By organizing workshops, providing community resources, and hosting culinary events, we address discrimination holistically, cultivating understanding and empathy. We create safe spaces for intentional dialogue about implicit bias and anti-Black racism, empowering our community to foster a culture of empathy and solidarity.
Our Vision

Our vision transcends mere representation. We envision a town where inclusivity isn't just a buzzword but a lived reality, where every voice is not only heard but valued, and where the vibrant tapestry of our diverse cultures is celebrated with genuine meaning and purpose. In Aurora, we see a future where policies reflect our commitment to addressing Anti-Black racism and creating equity for all. Our approach is holistic, focusing not only on addressing the symptoms but also on cultivating understanding and empathy.

We understand that creating lasting change requires collective effort. That's why we extend an invitation to all who share our vision to join us in this journey. Together, we can make a significant impact and build a future where inclusivity isn't just a goal but a lived reality for all.

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